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The Beachpak is Backpack which is able to transform itself into a Beachmat and becomes your go to Companion for a day at the Beach. Furthermore the Beachpak is made of CGear Sandfree Fabrics which keeps the Beachpak sandfree at any point.


One specialty of this backpack is that it's made of CGear sandfree fabrics. It's a unique patended construction developed for military application. This Material allows sand & dirt to fall through the mesh but keeps it from coming back up. Furthermore creating a sand, dirt and dust free environment.


The Backpack easily turn into a Beachmat by simply opening the straps and unfolding it. Before returning back home just place all of your belongings onto the beachmat and fold it back vice versa.


The beachmat offers enough space for one person, well cuddling with your better half will be possible as well.

Also you'll find enough space for your belongings when you wrap it up to a backpack.

For windy days there are eyelets included in every corner to fix it - so there no need of worrying about loosing it.


The Beachpak was complete handcrafted and taylored. The Model on the pictures is fully functional and ready to use.

If you're interested in making one your self.

Feel free to ask for the instruction




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